• Free Range Tasmanian Eggs (12)

    $4.50 – subscription plans available
  • Honey

    $6.00 – subscription plans available

    Local Pure Honey

    • After you've purchased your first jar of pure honey (for $6), bring back your empty jar and exchange it for a full jar for only $5.
    • Beautiful Girls honey is based in South Arm and Opossum Bay and is run by Jenni McLeod, beekeeper and community connector.
    • Beautiful Girls is an amateur beekeeping operation extracting raw, unprocessed, 100% honey from hives located lovingly in community gardens. We keep bees for the love of bees first and our honey is a rewarding by-product.
    • Our bees collect mixed blossom from gardens and the surrounding bush on the South Arm Peninsula.
    • Our honey changes flavour during the season as the Beautiful Girls move to different floral sources.
    • We are in the process of working with a honeyologist to provide some tasting notes about our honey and we welcome your input to help us describe our honey.
  • Seasonal Mixed Box

    $25.00 – subscription plans available
    • mixed seasonal Vegetables Content of boxes change due to availability/season.