• Make access to fresh food easy and affordable for our local community
  • Improve local food choice and accessibility to high quality, fresh and nutritious food
  • Work with our partners to build food initiatives that are fair, just and sustainable
  • Engage our local community in conversations about healthy eating with a focus on increased daily intake of vegetables, fruit and other fresh produce
  • Encourage and support nutritional and food literacy in our local community through activities that reconnect people to food and agriculture
  • Promote and support local access to fresh food through home gardening, school gardens, community gardens, city farms, edible streetscapes, and other food growing and food access initiatives
  • Be accountable to our members, supporters and the community.

The First Choice Food Co-op is one of several initiatives of the Towards Sustainable Food Co-ops project working towards addressing local household food security and encouraging community and social interactions around food. These project will further build social networks and contribute to healthy communities.