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West Moonah
Community House

130 Springfield Ave
West Moonah TAS 7009
Phone: (03) 6273 2362

Goodwood Community Centre

Acton Cres
Goodwood TAS 7010
Phone: (03) 6272 2560

opening hours
Monday to Friday
8am to 3pm

West Moonah
Community House

Goodwood Community Centre

are affiliated with the
Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania


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The First Choice Food Co-op will offer members a weekly $20 vegetable & fruit box, containing high quality, fresh and seasonal produce that is fair priced including vegetables, fruit and regular extras, such as free produce, seed packets, recipe sheets and healthy eating information. A meat pack is also available for $12. You have a choice of beef or chicken.


Our vegetable & fruit box will contain all of the basics such as locally sourced potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, onions, vegetable greens such as broccoli, other seasonal vegetables, garlic and herbs along with seasonal fruits. We aim to vary our weekly vegetable and fruit offerings.


The First Choice Food Co-op is a partnership of West Moonah Community House and Goodwood Community Centre. These two organisations operate as incorporated, Not for Profit Organisations and are members of the community house network of 34 houses in Tasmania.


The First Choice Food Co-op is proudly supported by our peak body, Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania along with its partners in the Towards Sustainable Food Co-ops Project, Eat Well Tasmania and the Heart Foundation. This project received funding from the State Government to enable some Community Houses to partner with their community for the development of projects to increase local access to healthy food.


The First Choice Food Co-op is one of these projects and aims to support fair, diverse and accessible food systems for the benefit of our local community.


The First Choice Food Co-op will work with our partners, local farmers and suppliers, food hubs and Co-ops,
community and health services and groups, to ensure access to fair priced, high quality, fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruit in our local community.


These partnerships will build a community network with greater buying power, to ensure improved access to fresh produce.


The objectives of the First Choice Food Co-op are to:


·         Make access to fresh food easy and affordable for our local community

·         Improve local food choice and accessibility to high quality, fresh and nutritious food

·         Work with our partners to build food initiatives that are fair, just and sustainable

·         Engage our local community in conversations about healthy eating with a focus on increased daily intake of vegetables, fruit and other fresh produce

·         Encourage and support nutritional and food literacy in our local community through activities that reconnect people to food and agriculture

·         Promote and support local access to fresh food through home gardening, school gardens, community gardens, city farms, edible streetscapes, and other food growing and food access initiatives

·         Be accountable to our members, supporters and the community.


The First Choice Food Co-op is one of several initiatives of the Towards Sustainable Food Co-ops project working towards addressing local household food security and encouraging community and social interactions around food. These project will further build social networks and contribute to healthy communities.